Founder’s Note

We tend to consider wealth not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end: freedom; the reward for years of hard work; the power to embrace life’s full potential. All too often, however, wealth becomes not a thing to be enjoyed but a burden to be worried over. People fear losing what they have worked so hard to build, but they lack the specialized knowledge, resources, and most importantly, the time to properly manage it.

It’s no wonder that many people turn to professionals to help guide, manage, defend, and grow their investments. The question is to whom they should give this responsibility.

At Hennion & Walsh, we believe that the management of wealth should be taken as personally as its accumulation. We recognize the commitment our clients have made to building and maintaining their investments. And knowing this, how could we not manage and protect those investments as carefully – and as personally – as we can?

When this company was founded, we recognized that individual investors didn’t always experience the same benefits, the same access to resources, and the same level of service that institutional investors enjoyed at other firms. We set out to change that. And over the many years since its inception, Hennion & Walsh has always been its clients’ fiercest champion and most passionate advocate. We promise that you will experience nothing less.

This website outlines our unique approach to investing, the strategies and philosophy behind it, and the reasons we believe your investment will have a prosperous home with Hennion & Walsh.

Here’s to managing your wealth – so that you can enjoy your life.

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