Yearly Archives: 2011

Why A Greek Default Is Imminent

Judging by the market’s overwhelmingly positive reaction last week to the announcement of a rescue package on the part of European leaders for the ongoing saga with Greece, one would have thought that Greece was the only obstacle preventing the …Read more

Fed, unemployment report to grab U.S. spotlight

“If investors start to gain a sense that Spain and Italy are still at risk and aren’t shored up to a necessary degree, the markets could unravel again,” said Kevin Mahn, president and chief investment officer of Hennion & Walsh …Read more

Is The Commodities Bull Run Over?

While the global commodity markets turned considerably lower during the third quarter of 2011, we do not believe that a sustained drop in commodity prices is likely. Worldwide demographic trends will continue to place supply pressures on several commodity types, …Read more

When the Glitter Is Gone From Your Gold

Kevin Mahn, president and CIO of New Jersey-based Hennion & Walsh Asset Management, also thinks gold is due for a correction…”You have to remember that if you are buying the hard commodity it is less liquid than investing in an …Read more