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Bond-Picker’s Market Looms For Fixed-Income Investors

“Individual investors definitely have to pay attention to what they’re buying,” says Bill Walsh, president of Hennion and Walsh in Parsippany, N.J. “They’ve got to decide what they’re looking to accomplish in this market, what their goals are and what …Read more

Brokers Win By Not Losing

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Financial advisers and their clients aren’t often on the same page when it comes to their expectations. Clients aren’t shooting for huge growth right now. Portfolio manager Kevin Mahn tells Dow Jones Newswires reporter Annie Gasparro …Read more

Dow Advances 28.23 Points

“The jobless claims were lower than expected, but we’re still losing about 400,000 jobs every time a report comes out,” said Kevin Mahn, portfolio manager of SmartGrowth Funds. “It’s going to take eight to 10 years to grow out of …Read more

How to Play It Safe With Muni Bonds

“It’s important to pay attention to the credit quality of different bond issuances. Walsh recommends that investors stick to investment-grade municipal bonds, the highest rated muni bonds available.”Click here to read the entire article.Read more

Intelligent Investing – Ten Investing Missteps To Avoid

‘While I am not suggesting that a “set it and forget it” strategy of investing in the U.S. large-cap stocks comprised by the S&P 500 is a prudent path for individual investors to follow going forward, I do believe that …Read more