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The Best ETFs of 2008

    “Kevin Mahn, portfolio manager for the SmartGrowth Mutual Funds notes that these ETFs have benefited from investors becoming more risk averse. Mahn’s SmartGrowth Lipper Optimal Conservative Index Fund, which is a fund of ETFs, is down only 7.5% …Read more

Is Cash You Keep at Your Brokerage Safe?

“‘With any brokerage firm you have to pay attention to what the sweep is going into,’ says Bill Walsh, president of money-management firm Hennion & Walsh Asset Management” Click here┬áto read the entire article.Read more

Sharing Ideas

“Kevin Mahn, a portfolio manager for the SmartGrowth Mutual Funds, told attendees that he sees positives ahead for investors. ‘We’re increasingly optimistic about the outlook for U.S. and international equities. We’ve called a start to the market correction in late …Read more

YourQ&A: What’s the Role of a Total Return Bond Fund?

“‘A total return fixed-income manager’s respective role, if selected by an advisor or investor within a given portfolio, should be to provide for total return potential within its own risk parameters and investment philosophy.” Click here┬áto read the entire article.Read more

Investors Take To T-Bonds Amid Uncertainty

“‘You still have a yield curve that makes sense,’ said Bill Walsh, chief executive of the investment services firm Hennion & Walsh, since the shortest maturity still has the lowest yield. From a historical perspective, however, Walsh said the yield …Read more