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Happy Holidays from Hennion and Walsh!

From our family at Hennion & Walsh to yours, best wishes for a very happy holiday season and a healthy new year. If there is anything we can do to help you position your investment portfolios for 2014, please do not hesitate to contact us.Read more

Unit Investment Trust (UIT) Assets Top $71 Billion in 2012

According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), data on the market value of unit investment trusts (UITs) issued and outstanding as of year-end 2012 indicates a total of 5,787 trusts with a value of $71.73 billion.Read more

Momentum Continues to Build in Housing at Home and Abroad

Momentum continues to build in the housing market, domestically and internationally, and it appears that the real estate recovery is for real. On the domestic front, we have taken notice of a positive trend in pricing, volume, inventory and sentiment across the country. For these reasons, we contend that housing will remain as one of the brightest areas of the U.S. economy and will likely be an engine of future growth for the anemic state of the current U.S. economic recovery.Read more

A Growing Attraction to Municipal Bonds

We, at Hennion & Walsh, have long maintained that, for income oriented investors, bonds can provide for a dependable and consistent stream of income, and principal protection when held to maturity. Bonds, whether they are Municipal, Government or Corporate bonds, can also provide for compounded growth opportunities when the income received from the bonds is reinvested.Read more