Monthly Archives: March 2012

Don’t wait too long to Inflation-proof your Portfolio

Just because inflation readings are currently low does not mean that inflation is not present in the system. To understand our viewpoint in this regard, let’s first examine some of the more common readings of inflation.Read more

How much Higher Can/Will Gasoline Prices Go?

Thus far this year, during the first two months of 2012, according to Bloomberg, we have witnessed an 18% increase in the price of crude oil based on the ICE Brent Crude Oil Active Month Index and a 16% increase in the price of gasoline based on the Nymex Gasoline Active Month Index. With respect to the latter, with gasoline prices now averaging $3.74 per gallon for regular grade gasoline across the United States and some experts calling for prices to exceed the peak observed in July of 2008, many are now wondering how high gasoline prices will go (especially during the upcoming summer driving season) and what can be down to counteract these rising prices.Read more