Monthly Archives: October 2011

Is the Commodities Bull Run Over?

While the global commodity markets turned considerably lower during the third quarter of 2011, we do not believe that a sustained drop in commodity prices is likely. Worldwide demographic trends will continue to place supply pressures on several commodity types, notably food and energy, while increased market volatility will likely result in continued investor appetites for precious metals.Read more

The U.S. Economy needs the next Apple

On this day, we mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and creative genius. We also mourn the loss of the innovation, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit that Steve Jobs embodied and which once defined the U.S. economy. Apple built itself from a small start-up (i.e. 2 people) working out of a garage into a company with 300 retail stores in 11 countries and whom, at one point this summer, held the two distinctions of: 1) having more cash reserves than the U.S. Treasury and 2) surpassing Exxon Mobil as the world’s valuable company. The company used opportunities available to it within the capital markets to leverage technology to answer the everyday, yet often over looked, needs of the American consumer. In doing so, they currently employs close to 50,000 people.Read more