Monthly Archives: December 2010

Season’s Greetings

It's been quite a year in the economy and in the markets in 2010. The former is stuck in neutral trying to find its footing to establish sustainable economic growth and put America back to work again while the latter continues to race full speed ahead despite the former. With the partial changing of the guard in Washington, much uncertainty exists with regards to the future direction of federal legislation and intervention. When this uncertainty is coupled with mounting international tensions and amassing debt concerns, many investors find themselves cautious and concerned.Read more

It’s a Question of Demand, not Supply

The Federal Reserve engaged in its most recent round of quantitative easing in an effort to help spur the economy, boost jobs and raise inflation (yes, raise inflation) by supplying the market with more liquidity to meet loan demand. The problem is, as we see it at Hennion & Walsh, that there is no demand in the market for more loans.Read more

International Tensions Mount

Asia appears to be in a state of flux as tensions between North Korea and South Korea intensified over the past weekend as China and the United States were pulled further into the conflict. The people of South Korea seem to be unified behind their stance of pushing back to prevent any future attacks, similar to what occurred last week, by North Korea. On the other hand, the people of North Korea, which many believe to be in possession of nuclear weapons, seem to not be backing down from any of the political or diplomatic pressures resulting from their recent actions.Read more