Monthly Archives: April 2009

Prepare for the Unexpected

When building and maintaining investment portfolios, many investment professionals often take into consideration many different future, potential economic and stock market scenarios based upon their own research and forecasts. In fact, my research team at Hennion & Walsh developed five …Read more

Is an Economic Recovery in the Cards for 2009?

According to the April 21, 2009 Bloomberg article entitled “Fed’s Kohn Says Economy May Stabilize, Start Recovery This Year,” Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Donald Kohn said recently during a speech at the University of Delaware that “…the U.S. economy may …Read more

The Threat of Inflation

Lost in the debate over the recession, the bear market and the potential ways in which to recover from both has been the general upward movement in commodity prices and the associated inflationary effects of these movements.  In fact, one …Read more

Are Financials Mounting a Comeback?

Many have suggested that the recovery from this historic bear market will, and needs, to start in the financial sector.  While we at Hennion & Walsh do not believe that financials, in and of themselves, can drive the economy out …Read more

Understanding Oil ETFs

The dramatic rise and fall of oil prices throughout the course of 2008, and into the early stages of 2009, has attracted many portfolio managers, financial advisors and individual investors to energy oriented, specifically oil, investment strategies.   While once complicated …Read more