Why Hennion & Walsh for Municipal Bonds

We are specialists in tax-free municipal bonds

Hennion & Walsh was founded specializing in tax-free municipal bonds. Although we have added many services over the last 20 years to better serve our clients, we continue to believe that high quality fixed income investments can serve as the cornerstone of financial health for individual investors. We offer individual investors access to municipal bonds. Bonds are a dynamic investment. While some of our clients are looking to buy bonds and hold them, others are interested in frequent trading opportunities. We provide the investment opportunities that each client is looking for with a full-service municipal bond trading desk, current market information, and investing opinions designed to enable clients to make the right decisions.

We provide competitive yields

Because our active municipal bond trading desk identifies and purchases large blocks of attractive municipal bonds when they become available, we can offer highly competitive yields to our clients.  Our purchasing power means higher yields for our clients.

We deliver the kind of personalized service others only talk about

At Hennion & Walsh, we believe in our clients’ dreams. We have an absolute dedication to helping you preserve and grow your wealth in order to finance those dreams. More than 15,000 clients call upon us for our advice and expertise. We deliver one-on-one attention that enables us to truly understand our clients’ needs and work in close partnership with them, regardless of account size. We do not have a call center or voice mail – we personally answer each call our clients make. We have built our firm’s reputation through developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships designed to last a lifetime. In short, we call it Bonding®.

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