Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bonds from Hennion & Walsh, Inc. on Vimeo.

Tax-free municipal bonds are Hennion & Walsh’s heritage – it’s who we are. When we founded Hennion & Walsh over 20 years ago, we started out as specialists in tax-free municipal bonds and built our reputation by selling bank investment-grade municipal bonds to conservative investors looking for safe, predictable income that’s tax-free. Although we are a full-service brokerage firm today, we are still specialists in municipal bonds striving to find the right municipal bonds for each client, and we still deliver the same one-on-one personalized service others only talk about.

We invite you to watch the video above and browse this section of our website to learn more about municipal bonds, how they can benefit you, as well as why we believe we are the right partner to help you find the right municipal bonds to meet your investment goals.

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