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Could One Bad Jobs Report Derail this Bull Market?

On Friday, April 6, 2012, when U.S. markets were closed for the Good Friday holiday, the Department of Labor released a report indicating that U.S. companies added 120,000 new jobs in the prior month. While this would seem like positive news on the surface, it represented the first time in the last five months that less than 200,000 new jobs were created and fell significantly below the expectations of most economists who were expecting another increase of 200,000 + new jobs. U.S. markets thus opened decidedly lower on the following Monday after having time to digest the disappointing report and perhaps fearing that this report could be a sign of the underlying weakness in both the job market and the overall economic recovery.Read more

The U.S. Economy needs the next Apple

On this day, we mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and creative genius. We also mourn the loss of the innovation, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit that Steve Jobs embodied and which once defined the U.S. economy. Apple built itself from a small start-up (i.e. 2 people) working out of a garage into a company with 300 retail stores in 11 countries and whom, at one point this summer, held the two distinctions of: 1) having more cash reserves than the U.S. Treasury and 2) surpassing Exxon Mobil as the world’s valuable company. The company used opportunities available to it within the capital markets to leverage technology to answer the everyday, yet often over looked, needs of the American consumer. In doing so, they currently employs close to 50,000 people.Read more

Looking at Jobs Data from a Different Perspective

Every time we think that we see a glimmer of hope with respect to the employment picture in the U.S., we receive another concerning jobs report. During the first couple of weeks in January, we have already received reports showing a decrease in the U-3 unemployment rate, an increase in nonfarm payrolls (but not by as much as the analysts were expecting) as well as an increase in the number of weekly initial jobless claims.Read more

Dow 11,000 – now what?

The DJIA has just crossed 11,000 - a significant milestone in the continuing recovery of this widely recognized U.S. blue-chip index. In fact, the last time the Dow closed above 11,000 was back on September 26, 2008. However, before everyone starts to uncork their champagne bottles, we, at Hennion & Walsh, would suggest that it is too soon to signal "all-clear" for the equity markets and too soon to declare an official end to this current U.S. recession.Read more

Is the Consumer Losing Confidence?

Consumer confidence in the United States appears to be waning after a recent wave of optimism. According to a recent Reuters/University of Michigan Survey of Consumers, consumer sentiment fell from 73.5 in September to 69.4 in October. Further, the Survey's economic outlook index also decreased, falling from73.5 in September to 67.6 in October.Read more