Becoming a Portfolio Management Client

Finding out whether Hennion & Walsh is the right partner for you is free of cost and obligation. Our four-step process is designed to give you and us the opportunity to thoroughly explore whether we’re a good fit for each other:

Step 1- Goal Exploration Meeting

We welcome you to set up a meeting with one of our experienced financial professionals at a place of your choice, where you feel comfortable.  This meeting is usually a two-way dialogue during which we learn about your investment needs and goals, and you learn about how we may be able to help you achieve those goals and meet your needs.  To give you time to share matters discussed at this meeting with other members of your family, and think of any additional questions you might have, a second meeting will be set up for 7-10 days later.

Step 2- Solution Development Meeting

This meeting is usually scheduled 7-10 days after the initial, exploratory meeting to allow you to further explore any new or remaining questions or concerns you might have. Many investors formulate more questions about the topics covered in the first meeting after having had a chance to discuss them with their family. In cases where a client and Hennion & Walsh agree to enter a mutually beneficial relationship, the representative helps them complete the necessary paperwork to begin a relationship with Hennion & Walsh.

Step 3- Implementation

Once completed paperwork has arrived at our home office, our Investment Committee, along with the client’s representative, will determine the most appropriate Target-Risk Investment Strategy, tailored to the specific needs and goals of the client.  The representative will then be in touch at every step of the way – from discussing your investment strategy developed by our team, to when the accounts are funded, to when the new strategy is ultimately implemented.  As the manager of our clients’ portfolios, we take great pride in making proactive changes in portfolios while always keeping clients abreast of changes in their portfolios, as well as the rationale behind why Hennion & Walsh believes the portfolio changes are in our clients’ best interest.

Step 4- Exceptional Customer Service

Once you are invested, not only will your portfolio be reviewed every quarter by our Investment Committee, but representatives will stay in touch with their clients to ensure you are always informed about the status of your portfolio.  Hennion & Walsh sends statements monthly and a detailed Performance Report quarterly.  Along with your hardcopy reports, you will receive calls from your dedicated representtive every time there is a change in your portfolio and each time when you receive a quarterly report.  We pride ourselves on our customer service; it is the kind of one-on-one attention others only talk about.


To explore whether Hennion & Walsh is the right strategic partner to help manage your portfolio, please contact us via email or call (800) 836-8240 to speak to one of our representatives.


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