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Safety First, Says Muni Bond Manager

Investors seeking income in the muni field should stick with general obligation and essential revenue bonds, says Bill Walsh, who manages a muni portfolio for his clients. He advises staying away from more speculative instruments.

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Kate Stalter: We’re talking about municipal bonds today with Bill Walsh, of advisory firm Hennion & Walsh. Bill, tell our listeners why you believe munis are a good investment in today’s economy, and with the volatile equities market. 

Bill Walsh:
 Well, I think municipal bonds have proven, in this economy—and certainly with the volatility of the equity market—to be a very, very good place for people that are looking for conservative income to invest in. I think it proves out that bonds are…I always say bonds are boring. You know, last year, I guess there were some headlines on it, and they tried to get them to be something more than what they are. But historically, if you buy high-quality bonds, you get your income every six months, and when principal comes due, you get your money back.

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