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Reaching for Yield? A Review of the October Municipal Market Commentary

In this month’s Municipal Market Commentary, I talked about the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) and its decision to hold short term interest rates near zero percent for a “considerable time after the asset purchase program ends.” This has …Read more

A Short History of Municipal Bonds

If you’ve been following my blog, you have seen a lot of information about municipal bonds, including a few things that individual investors should talk to their financial advisors about if considering municipal bonds for their portfolios. But one thing …Read more

Considering Bonds? A Review of the August Municipal Market Commentary

In last month’s Municipal Market Commentary, I took a look at some questions that individual investors might be asking themselves and their financial counselors about maintaining and adding bonds to their portfolios in today’s market. The issue is particularly relevant …Read more

A Look at Premium Bonds

When I was being interviewed for a recent Bond Buyer article about investment tools that are available to deal with rising and falling interest rates, one of the questions that I was asked was about how investors typically use premium …Read more