Municipal Market Commentary

Municipal Market Commentary – January 27 2015

Today’s Bond Market. And Tomorrow. For some investors, the choice of bonds over stocks, in today’s environment of interest rates that appear to be low may seem curious. But many bond investors and financial planners believe that there are valid …Read more

Municipal Market Commentary – December 10, 2014

What Happened to Inflation? For anyone paying attention to the news pundits and armchair economists over the past few years, one theme was very clear; Inflation is coming. As with all things based on economic predictions, this prediction of rising …Read more

Municipal Market Commentary – November 20, 2014

Quantitative Easing and What it Means for You With the Fed’s recent announcement of its decision to end the bond buying stimulus program known as Quantative Easing (QE), many individual investors are concerned about the impact on the economy at …Read more

Municipal Market Commentary – October 20, 2014

Reaching For Yield May be Reaching For Trouble Recently the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) released its most recent guidance on future Fed action. The message was clear-The Fed plans on holding short term interest rates near 0% …Read more

Municipal Market Commentary – August 14, 2014

Why Own Bonds Now? At a time when many market analysts are suggesting a rising interest rate environment, individual investors may be asking, is now the time to own bonds in my portfolio? That thought is really two different questions; first, …Read more

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