Monthly Archives: August 2012

This Presidential Election’s Potential Impact on the Markets

With the national political party conventions now upon us (Ex. the Republicans are kicking-off their weather delayed national convention in Tampa, FL today), a great deal of media, and investor, attention has turned to following the daily polling trends to try and gain a sense of whom will likely occupy the Oval Office for the next four years. The challenger, Republican Mitt Romney, is running in a virtual dead heat against incumbent, Democrat President Barack Obama at the moment based on a variety of polls that we have observed.Read more

Will this now be a Housing-led Recovery?

The residential real estate market appears to have been one of the few encouraging areas within the U.S. economy during the 2nd quarter. While we observed many positive reports with respect to existing home sale prices, pending home sales, inventory and initial building permits, we still believe that it will take several years for the housing market to fully recover and work through the entire excess inventory that remains in the system. It is also very likely that pre-recession housing values may indeed prove to be the peak for many areas of the country for years to come. Regardless, the next leg of this economic recovery cycle may very well be led by the housing market.Read more