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The Growing Popularity of Exchange-traded funds

According to the Investment Company Institute ("ICI"), as of April 2009, there are now 726 Exchange-traded funds ("ETFs") with over $529 billion in assets. Since 1995, according to my calculations, the number of ETFs has increased by approximately 96% per year over this period. Not only has the number and type of ETFs increased but the popularity of these products across institutional investors, financial advisors and individual investors has also risen over this time frame. For evidence of this trend towards ETF utilization, as I referenced in a post earlier this year, one needs to look no further than to Monday, September 15, 2008. According to Barclays Global Investors, this day represented one of the largest trading days, based on volume, in U.S. history and ETFs accounted for 40% of the trading volume in U.S. equities that day - 40%!Read more

Video: Hennion & Walsh president, Bill Walsh, on CNBC

Click here for the CNBC Video with Bill Walsh Securities offered through Hennion & Walsh, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPCRead more

Should we be worried about inflation when GDP, sales, and most p

As the recent G8 meeting showed, many policy makers across the globe are concerned that the extensive borrowing and spending undertaken by governments to stimulate the economy may lead to inflation.  However, other economists have cited the weak current Gross …Read more

The S&P 500 Just Crossed its 200-Day Moving Average – So What?

Many technical analysts are dancing in the streets these days – using their historical trading charts as their dancing partners of course.  For the first time since December 2007, the S&P 500 Index, widely considered as the barometer for the …Read more