Yearly Archives: 2009

Why Stocks and Treasurys Have Been Rising at Same Time

Lately, however, both stocks and bonds have tended to go up together. “They’re really having a stare fight, and I don’t know who’s going to blink first,” says Bill Walsh, president of Hennion & Walsh in Parsippany, NJ. Click here to …Read more

Muni Bonds: Don’t Chase High Yields

  “He urges bond investors to look at their investment goals before getting into bonds. People who are looking for a bigger return on investment should go to the growth markets, such as the equities market, Walsh says.” Click here to …Read more

Stocks Keep Gains Before Fed Rate Debate

Kevin Mahn, managing director and chief investment officer of Hennion & Walsh, a Parsippany, N.J. investment firm, says there’s “zero chance” the Fed will raise rates, but that the market will pick apart its published remarks. Click here to read the …Read more