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Core Advantages of Single Issue Muni Bonds

I get lots of questions from investors who have heard about single issue bonds, but who don’t really understand what kinds of benefits they offer. So to help demystify this type of investment, here are three advantages of single issue …Read more

Four Benefits to Look for in a Portfolio Manager

In our last blog, we discussed some reasons why an investor might want to consider using a professional portfolio manager rather than go it alone. Now we’ll talk about what benefits to look for in such a professional. What do …Read more

Three Signs You Might Need a Professional Portfolio Manager

With so much uncertainty in the markets and in events around the world, many investors are uncertain about their financial future. For these investors – and particularly those with sizable assets in the equities markets – who want to make …Read more

Three Estate Planning Myths Debunked

Many investors are often so focused on accumulating assets for retirement that they neglect a crucial part of their financial strategy: an estate plan. Ashlea Ebeling on points out that half of all Americans don’t even have a basic …Read more

What second-quarter earnings could mean for investors

The second-quarter earnings season shows plenty of reason to be optimistic not only about the markets, but also the U.S. economy as a whole. Not only are earnings exceeding expectations in many sectors, companies are also reporting sales revenue figures …Read more