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Candles, hymns for woman killed in racial violence

Hundreds of mourners descending on the University of Virginia campus Wednesday night to commemorate the death of Heather Heyer, and to reject the racism and hate that claimed her life and tarnished the city of Charlottesville last weekend.

Trump attacks GOP senators amid fallout over VA violence

President Donald Trump’s turnabout on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has rocked his administration, leading to rising speculation that some top officials may be looking for a way out.

Experts predict more North Korean nuclear tests

Kim Jong Un claims North Korea's missiles can reach anywhere in the United States, but experts say the country still lacks lightweight nuclear warheads to arm them. As Reuters' Christine Kim explains, the only way to solve that problem is to keep carrying out nuclear tests.

Special report: Logjam for UN's Syria investigators

The U.N.'s former disarmament chief for Syria, Angela Kane, gives a firsthand account of the diplomatic hurdles chemical weapons inspectors faced before they effectively abandoned investigations in the country.

Special report: How Syria continues to gas its own people

A Reuters investigation reveals the extent to which the Syrian government hindered the work of the international inspectors tasked with eliminating the country's chemical weapons caches, before they effectively gave up.

Sierra Leone's race against disease to bury its dead

Hundreds of residents queue in Freetown to identify the victims of a deadly mudslide, amid fears that if the bodies are not buried soon they could spark a public health emergency.

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