Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fed Interest Rate Target Increase by end of 2016

We have updated our projected Federal Reserve timeline based upon outtakes from the last Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting in September of 2014.  As a result of what we know, based upon what the Fed has communicated and what …Read more

Reaching for Yield? A Review of the October Municipal Market Commentary

In this month’s Municipal Market Commentary, I talked about the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) and its decision to hold short term interest rates near zero percent for a “considerable time after the asset purchase program ends.” This has …Read more

Midterm Elections could Bode Well for the U.S. Stock Market

As we are in the midst of the 2014 midterm election season, many investors are wondering what potential impact these elections will have on the stock market.  Based upon our review of historical data related to stock market performance and …Read more

What October Pullback May Lead to for Stock Market Investors

The S&P 500 Index (“S&P 500”) has decreased over 5% thus far in October (though still higher year-to-date thus far in 2014) as I write this post.   Many investors have been long awaiting this type of a market pullback before …Read more