Monthly Archives: July 2014

Gaza, Ukraine and Your Investments

As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s fair to wonder how major events in far away parts of the world may impact the markets at home – and your investments. This is an especially delicate question in light of …Read more

2nd Quarter Results show Earnings and Revenue Growth

Earnings season is about half way over as 228 of the S&P 500 companies have reported 2nd quarter 2014 results as of July 28. Since the latest economic recession occurred six years ago, many companies have cut costs and gone …Read more

U.S. GDP, the Economic Recovery and Your Retirement Portfolio

Every quarter, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) releases a revised Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure for the previous three months. On July 30, the Commerce Department will release figures for the second quarter of 2014, which comprises the …Read more

My Interview with on Puerto Rico and the Overall Muni Market

I recently appeared on with Gregg Greenberg to discuss the situation in Puerto Rico and what the muni market holds for individual investors. The Federal Reserve recently announced that they plan to end their bond-buying program, known as quantitative …Read more

Protecting Your Portfolio Against Volatility

Volatility should always top of mind for investors. Remember the crash of 2008, when the VIX—a popular measure of market volatility—more than quadrupled in a span of two months? In recent weeks, the so-called VIX fear index has again been …Read more