Monthly Archives: June 2014

What a Growing (or Shrinking) Economy Means for Your Retirement Portfolio

Every month, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) releases a revised estimate for the growth or decline in real gross domestic product (GDP). The latest estimate shows output in the U.S. declining by 2.9% for the first three months of …Read more

Three Major Dangers in Your Retirement Plan

This week, we will see another release of Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) statistics from The Conference Board. The CCI tracks how optimistic Americans are about the state of our economy through their spending and savings habits. In general, any reading …Read more

Investing Lessons from the World Cup

All over the United States, people have caught World Cup fever as the U.S. side takes on the so-called “Group of Death” in Brazil. But as soccer fans debate the Americans’ chances against the best teams in the world, it’s …Read more

Three Ways to Cope When Inflation Rises

Prices are going up. It’s an inevitable fact that we are all going to have to deal with. For most of 2012 and 2013, inflation stayed tepid, rarely topping 2% in any of given month, according to Consumer Price Index …Read more

Projected Federal Reserve Activity Timeline through 2016

Here is what we know, with a degree of certainty, as of now with respect to future Federal Reserve (“Fed”) activities: Fed Chair Janet Yellen said her expectation for the first increase in the Federal Funds Target Rate would come …Read more