Monthly Archives: April 2011

Oil ETFs 101

In preparing for an interview on Fox Business News regarding oil related Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), I came across some interesting information on the current oil related products available that we thought appropriate to share. Given the dramatic rise in the price of Oil this year alone, coupled with the recognition that oil remains the lubricant that turns the global economic machine, one would be hard pressed to find an advisor or individual investor who isn't considering an oil oriented investment for their portfolios. ETFs have provided these investors with several different types of opportunities to add exposure to the energy sector, and oil in particular. However, as with other ETFs, the devil is in the details and investors need to conduct their due diligence and understand the structure of each available ETF before making an investment decision.Read more

True Inflation Reading must Factor in Food and Energy Costs

Inflation readings are currently low but this does not mean that inflation is not present in the system. Remember that the technical definition of inflation is when money flows into the system at a higher velocity than the rate at which it is flowing out of the system. This has certainly occurred in the U.S. economy since 2008.Read more

Is Silver the new Gold?

According to the April 7, 2011 Reuters article entitled, “Silver defies bears to target $40/oz and beyond” Silver is the top performing previous metal thus far in 2011, rising by more than 29% during the first quarter of the New Year. In contrast, Gold has risen approximately 2.8% over the same timeframe. Silver, in fact, is now close to $40 an ounce, which is the highest level this commodity has traded at in 31 years. Some analysts are even forecasting Silver prices to top $50 an ounce by the end of this year.Read more