Monthly Archives: January 2011

Market Implications of the Turmoil in Egypt

Anti-government protests in Egypt reached a fevered pitch in Cairo on Friday as demonstrators were demanding an end to the thirty year rule of incumbent President Hosni Mubarak, who is now 82 years old. At the core of the protests are frustrations over high rates of unemployment, rampant inflation (Ex. rising food prices) and increasing poverty levels across this Middle East country. These frustrations have been percolating over the past few years but have intensified over preceding weeks.Read more

Looking at Jobs Data from a Different Perspective

Every time we think that we see a glimmer of hope with respect to the employment picture in the U.S., we receive another concerning jobs report. During the first couple of weeks in January, we have already received reports showing a decrease in the U-3 unemployment rate, an increase in nonfarm payrolls (but not by as much as the analysts were expecting) as well as an increase in the number of weekly initial jobless claims.Read more

Lots of Positive Talk across Wall Street

Given that it is officially prognostication season for 2011, many Financial Analysts, Market Strategists and Economists on Wall Street have been busy formulating their market and economy predictions for the New Year.Read more