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Hennion & Walsh president, Bill Walsh, quoted in MarketWatch

Hennion & Walsh president, Bill Walsh, quoted in MarketWatch. Securities offered through Hennion & Walsh, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPCRead more

Will this be a traditional “V-shaped” recovery?

As the nation battles to recover from its current 18 month long recession (stated duration based on the National Bureau of Economic Research which determined that this particular recession started in December of 2007 according to their criteria), many economists …Read more

Are U.S. Treasuries at Risk for a Downgrade?

Is it possible that the U.S. government could lose the coveted AAA credit rating on its associated debt in the near future? Bill Gross, the well known mutual fund manager from PIMCO, believes so saying recently to Reuters that he …Read more

Is it Time to Reconsider International (Emerging) Markets??

While many international economies are still catching up to the United States on the global recession scorecard, international stock markets, specifically emerging markets, are off to a strong head start in 2009 when compared to the U.S. equity markets.   …Read more

The Relationship between the Jobs and Housing Markets

The Department of Labor reported today that nonfarm payrolls contracted by another 539,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate now stands at a 26-year high of 8.9%. Perhaps even more concerning is that, according to the DOL reports, there were …Read more