Monthly Archives: January 2009

2009 Outlook for Housing and Mortgages

I do not believe that the housing market will continue to adjust downward at the same pace as it did in 2008. However, I also do not believe that it will moderate significantly nor start to gain back value on …Read more

ETFs Are Here to Stay

Exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) continued to add to their ever-growing market share of available U.S. investment vehicles in 2008. According to the Investment Company Institute (“ICI”), as of November 2008, there are now 721 ETFs with over $478 billion in assets. …Read more

The Ever-Changing Face of Wall Street

Many thought that the abolishment of the Glass-Steagall act in 1999, which essentially allowed investment and deposit banking businesses to join forces, would change the face of Wall Street forever. While it did present great changes to the worlds of …Read more

Does Asset Allocation Still Matter?

Some have suggested that traditional forms of asset allocation strategies failed in 2008 and perhaps will not play as significant of a role in portfolio management techniques going forward. I would suggest that the benefits of asset allocation were exemplified …Read more

2008, While Devastatingly Painful Overall, Finishes Strong

Has anyone noticed that the markets have rebounded quite significantly over the past five weeks? Using the S&P 500 market low reached on November 21, 2008 of 755.84 and the S&P 500 market close on December 31, 2008 of 890.59, …Read more